Retreats & Workshops



Inner Sanctum

at Verbier Village, Switzerland

29-31 October 2021
This weekend retreat is a deep dive into your yourself, and just like a power nap, it is deeply refreshing. You will be guided into a powerful self-connection through physical movements, mantras and meditation. Abundant and delicious Indian meals fill the soul during the retreat.
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at Beausite, Chemin-Dessus

5-12 December 2021
Explore subtler realms of consciousness through meditative movement, mantras and subtle yogic practices to develop a deeper connection with one's intuitive self-healing mechanism. Deep emotional traumas stored in the body manifest as behavioral patterns and/or physical ailments and are released through powerful healing techniques during the retreat, tapping into one's innate ability to heal from deep within.
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Divine Within

at Paros, Greece

07-12 May 2022
Tapashi and Anita bring years of experience in deep inner work to let go of old patterns, chronic pain and subconscious rewiring through movement, meditation and conscious connected breathwork. This retreat is aimed at washing away old, accumulated patterns that create energetic blockages to cleanse the palette and to create a fresh new energy as much in the subtle energetic body as in the gross physical body.
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